Cameron Diaz - GQ Magazine UK (May 2008) [TGP]

Friday, April 4, 2008

Cameron Diaz - GQ Magazine UK (May 2008) [TGP]

Cameron Diaz rocks the Birtish cover of GQ. The sexy starlet takes it back to her modeling roots and nails a seductive, yet high fashioish cover. Cameron really opens up to the magazine on everything from having to do with any kind of relationships. You guys will be happy to know that she is a boy crazy beauty.

Cameron Diaz has a Hot Body of the Day April 4th, 2008 Cameron Diaz is the new GQ cover girl and I think she's lookin' pretty good. She's always had a good body with long legs and I guess that's the reason Justin Timberlake used her to be his pretend girlfriend so that we didn't catch onto him being a fag

Cameron Diaz is look very sexy on the cover of GQ magazine. Between the bathing suits, the high heels, the smoldering gaze, and the posing, the whole thing is steamy enough to take the creases out of your pants

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