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Monday, June 2, 2008

ROXANNE PALLET – Very Hot in Loaded Magazine July 2008

OK, that headline could describe pretty much any week in lad mags, but for some reason we're particularly impressed by the array of choices on the digital newsstand this week. There's the reliably naked Lindsey Anne Strutt lounging in the pages of Loaded, and on the cover of the same issue is new face and body—new to us, because we can't watch British soap operas—Roxanne Pallet, pictured above, who we are desperately hoping becomes a more regular presence on our TV and computer screens. (To say we're smitten after this introduction is a bit of an understatement.)

And if that wasn't enough, Front magazine just happened to grab five of the hottest Page 3 babes in existence and got them to bounce around together for the still and video cameras. What did we do to deserve this beautiful bounty of babeage? Who knows? But just keep quiet and hopefully they'll keep the tab open.

I searched for the same and did'nt find any thread. So I thought of starting one..


If you like the pics, say THANX

Roxanne 'Roxy' Pallett (born 26 December 1982 in Carlisle, Cumbria) is an English actress most famous for playing the role of Jo Stiles in the ITV1 soap opera, Emmerdale. In January 2006, she appeared in the reality singing competition Soapstar Superstar . Roxanne was born and brought up in Carlisle, Cumbria, by her mother and grandmother. After completing a degree in media and cultural studies at Liverpool John Moores University, she landed her first acting role as Jo Stiles in ITV1's Emmerdale as Jo Stiles. She firstly auditioned for the role of Emmerdale vicar's niece Jasmine Thomas, but the writers of the soap gave Roxanne the role of Jo instead whilst Jenna-Louise Coleman got the role of Jasmine. Before joining Emmerdale in 2005, Roxanne was the founder member of girl band, Urban Angel. After being signed to a music producer, the call from Emmerdale arrived and Roxanne decided to pursue an acting career. (Source: Wikipedia)

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